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Founded in 2013, STUDIUMO has carved a unique place in the intelligent furniture manufacturing industry. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated in our products’ durability and efficiency, meeting international standards.

We distinguish ourselves through a collaborative and adaptive approach. At Studiumo, we offer exclusive distribution rights, enhancing our partners’ market presence. Our personalized marketing support assists partners to connect with their audience effectively, while our collaborative product development aligns our offerings with evolving demands.

We don’t just supply products, we partner with you, prioritizing your growth and success. Join us at Studiumo, where we strive to provide an engaging and rewarding manufacturing experience.

Marking Milestones: Studiumo's Journey of Success

Pushing boundaries in innovation and quality, Studiumo has crafted a distinct reputation in the realm of electric height-adjustable desks.

Driven by partnerships, tech innovation, and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction – Studiumo’s journey of continuous growth.

As we stride forward, we remain steadfast in our quest to offer unparalleled value and to promote intelligent and sustainable business methodologies. With Studiumo, embrace the transformative power of the future.


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Discover partnership with Studiumo, where we collaborate to transcend your business boundaries, nurturing growth and cultivating success!

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